Now Introducing: WILD ART CLUB

Unleash artistic exploration without constraints of deadlines or expectations – it’s all about free-flowing creativity!

A partnership between R.A.D. Camps & Wondery Art & Adventure School brings Central Oregon Students the perfect After-School Program for ages 5 to 11!

Through Wondery’s mastery of art, youth programming, and nurturing children’s passions, merged with our seasoned background in childhood exploration, adventure, and development, we’ve curated the perfect after-school adventure and art program for imaginative kids.

Need A Ride?

Indoor Studio Days

Dive into endless creativity! Our indoor activities feature;

  1. Vibrant Drawing Prompts: Engage in a spectrum of drawing prompts that ignite creativity and imagination, encouraging artistic expression.
  2. Captivating Watercolors: Dive into the world of mesmerizing watercolors, exploring techniques that bring imagination to life on paper.
  3. Weaving Artistry: Discover the intricacies of weaving art, creating unique and beautiful pieces while exploring textures and patterns.
  4. Creative Flow & Friendship: Foster a creative environment where Wild Artists not only express themselves but also cultivate friendships, sparking connections through shared artistic exploration.
  5. Guided Projects & Self-Expression: Journey through guided projects, embrace opportunities for personal expression, and participate in thrilling creative games that unlock the inner artist in each participant. Join us and unleash your wild creativity!

Outdoor Days

On Outdoors days, Wild Artists will travel to either Tumalo State Park or La Pine State Park for an artistic adventure.

The thrill of adventure and discovery will serve as the muse for a plethora of activities:

  1. Nature Journaling: Delve into the wonders of the natural world through creative journaling sessions, capturing the beauty of Tumalo or LaPine State Park on paper.
  2. Outdoor Exploration: Experience the thrill of adventure as Wild Artists embark on exploratory journeys, discovering hidden treasures and fascinating elements of nature within the parks.
  3. Play in Nature’s Playground: Engage in immersive nature-based play, fostering creativity and unleashing boundless imagination amid the scenic landscapes of the parks.
  4. Guided Artistic Sessions: Through expert guidance, children will channel their artistic abilities, creating masterpieces inspired by the stunning surroundings, and nurturing their artistic talents.
  5. Vanside Adventures: Join the excitement as we round up our young artists from pickup schools and Wondery, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie on the way to these picturesque destinations.

Dates & Pricing Information:

Winter Season:

Dates: January 8th to March 21st


  • Mondays: $585 (or 3 payments of $195)
  • Tuesdays: $715 (or 3 payments of $239)
  • Wednesdays: $880 (or 3 payments of $294)
  • Thursdays: $715 (or 3 payments of $239)

Spring Season:

Dates: April 1st to June 7th


  • Mondays: $585 (or 3 payments of $585)
  • Tuesdays: $650 (or 3 payment of $217)
  • Wednesdays: $720 (or 3 payments of $240)
  • Thursdays: $585 (or 3 payments of $195)

Additional Pricing Info:

  • Transportation from select schools and to state parks is included in pricing.
  • 10% sibling discount.
  • Pricing is based on the number of classes each session & varies by day of the week.
  • Payment plans are available (3 payment split).

Want More Info?

Head over to Wondery’s Website for all the details and registration information!