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Want to immerse your young kids in the beautiful outdoors of Central Oregon? We’ve partnered up with Bend Forest School to create a summer camp program perfectly fit for children ages 4-6.​ Spots are limited!

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Why R.A.D. Sprouts?

In R.A.D. Sprouts, your children learn all about the outdoors and Central Oregon's flora & fauna while being encouraged to expand their imagination and exploration. One R.A.D. Camps Guide & one Bend Forest School Teacher will be teaching your children how to not only enjoy nature’s gifts, but also how to respect them and engage with them through Leave No Trace principles.

R.A.D. guides monitor children to ensure their safety while letting them play freely amongst themselves.

How it works

The camp runs July 5th through August 31st, Monday - Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Our pick-up & drop-off location will be the same as our regular summer camp, William E. Miller Elementary School (see details during registration).

R.A.D. Sprouts Camps are held at local state parks, including: Smith Rock State Park, Tumalo State Park, La Pine State Park, & Cline Falls State Park!

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How to Register


Create your profile on Sawyer before registering. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of site-management, and streamline your registration.


Once the registration link is open, you will be able to register your child. This link will be available on our website and in a reminder email. From there, you will see all the vans and the dates that will be operating. Choose a van and begin sign up! Don’t see your desired van or location? Keep checking back throughout the summer. Parents and campers adjust their schedules, meaning seats often become available.


If you’d like to register your child for a specific location rather than just by date, you’ll need to have our schedule handy. You can view images of it directly on Sawyer or download our PDF.


After you have chosen which vans and dates you will be registering for, you will then enter all the important information that we need to know about your child! You’ve seen these forms before - waivers, allergies, etc.


Once you have completed this step, simply check out, and you’re ready
for summer!!

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Below you will find the Day Camp 2023 Summer Schedule.

To learn more about the philosophy of play-based and place-paced education, check out Bend Forest School, a nature immersion early education program.