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What is a Day Camp?

​Day camps are learning and engagement programs that offer multiple recreational activities to children between 7-17. A typical R.A.D. Camps day starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. Some “day camps” also run in the evening, like our HooDoo Night Skiing. Day camps keep children engaged for most of the day, and children go back to their homes after a fun-filled day.

The duration of day camps is usually similar to the average school day period. Day camps focus on teaching children different skills and, at the same time, allow them to explore diverse natural settings and have time for free play.

​What is an Overnight Camp?

​An overnight camp is also a learning and engagement program designed for children and teens. As the name indicates, at overnight or sleepaway camps, your child will not return home but will stay at the camp for a set duration of time. Overnight camps provide accommodation for the campers.

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​Differences Between Summer Day Camps and Overnight Camps

Following are some key differences between the structure and activities offered by both camping programs.

Camping Experience

Day camps are suitable for children and teen campers between the ages of 7-17. Day camps allow kids to explore the wilderness, make new friends, learn essential skills, and experience independence while away from home without an overnight stay.

The schedule and activities of day camps are planned with a greater focus on fun, camaraderie, and free play. R.A.D. Camps introduce children to the wilderness surrounding Bend, OR. We teach an appreciation for our natural world and how to practice “leave no trace” while still enjoying our wild places. Day camps are ideal for children who have never been to summer camp or may easily get overwhelmed. Or for parents who prefer to keep their children closer to home.

Children can benefit from an overnight camp’s structure, discipline, and routine, but it’s not suitable for every child. Overnight camps schedule kids to participate in specific group activities. They provide food, lodging, and activities in a tightly controlled group setting.

Location and Commute

R.A.D. Camps day camps are located near Bend, Oregon, in the wild places that abound in Central Oregon. We’re close enough to the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests that our campers get to experience being outdoors without spending the night in an unfamiliar camp with strangers.

Overnight camps are also accessible in the cities; however, camping sites are often located far from home.


Overnight camps are expensive, with the average cost of a sleepover camp at approximately $450 a day, according to Tom Rosenberg of the American Camp Association (A.C.A.).

Many families can’t afford to send their children to camp for a week. R.A.D. Camps offer an affordable alternative to overnight camp options.

We hope that you have gained a good understanding of both types of camps so you can choose which is the better option for your child.

If you are searching for a fulfilling summer day camp experience for your child, enroll them into R.A.D. Camps. We are located in Bend, Oregon. We conduct multiple fun-filled activities for children in the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests. Our motto is to connect children with nature through fun-filled activities.

For more information, visit our website or call us at (541) 410-7258.


Chance is the owner and CEO of R.A.D. Camps in Bend, Oregon. He attended R.A.D. Camps summer programs as a kid and loved it so much he bought the company!