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Summer is the time when children can have fun from sunup to sundown. However, they soon run out of ideas to play at home and start feeling overwhelmed. Working parents struggle to spend quality time with children because of time constraints and busy schedules. Summer day camps are the ultimate solution to these problems. Summer camps keep children entertained while they are out of school. Summer day camps play a significant role in a child’s formative years.

Give your children a summer to remember by enrolling them in our Summer Day Camp Program. Our dedicated guides are trained to keep campers physically and intellectually engaged while having a great time. RAD Camps offer an exciting and fun-filled summer day camp program in Bend, Oregon. We take our little campers to multiple adventurous locations. Our summer day camp programs focus on outdoor exploration, free play, camaraderie, and an appreciation for our natural world.

​Here are the top 5 reasons that make summer day camps popular among parents and children.

Improve Social Skills & Provide Opportunities for Friendship

The adolescent years are the best time to develop social skills and new interactions. Most of these skills are developed early through structured play time and friendships. Summer day camps allow children to interact with other children and adults at the day camps.

​Thus, allowing them to grow socially and learn different ways to behave and communicate with adults. In addition, summer day camps provide several opportunities to make new friends and establish relationships that stay with them for a lifetime.

Reduce Screen Time


Children are increasingly inclined toward their gadgets with the rise of electronics, social media, and video games. Summer day camps give children a chance to break free from these devices. This is crucial for their physical, social, and behavioral development.

Children develop new skills, improve social ties, and learn new things when they spend several hours of the day away from gadgets in their natural surroundings. This is additionally helpful for their mental health and vision.

Promote Physical And Mental Growth

Outdoor exploration keeps children physically active and healthy. At summer day camps, children run, jump, swim and hike as much as they want. All these activities are beneficial for their physical development and cardiovascular health. Moreover, children are exposed to various adventurous activities and sports that promote their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving ability.

Children never have a dull moment in a well-planned and structured summer day camp. They get multiple opportunities to engage in exciting activities and group tasks which keeps them physically and mentally agile.

Opportunities To Explore Diversity And Nature

Children get enough time to play in the sun at summer day camps and explore nature. The constant supply of fresh air and vitamin D does wonders for their health. In addition, children learn to be protective of the nature around them, which benefits the environment and planet. Children from different cultures attend summer camps. This allows them to learn and appreciate each other’s cultural differences. They start to understand life beyond their house and neighborhood.

Enroll in our RAD Camps summer programs to give your child a memorable outdoor experience. We offer summer day camp programs in Bend, Oregon. We take children to various locations in Deschutes and Willamette National Forests. Our motto is “No Child Left Inside.” We connect children with nature through fun-filled activities.

For more information, visit our website, or call us at (541) 410-7258.


Chance is the owner and CEO of R.A.D. Camps in Bend, Oregon. He attended R.A.D. Camps summer programs as a kid and loved it so much he bought the company!