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Most children look forward to summer because it brings a long-awaited summer break. Parents want to make the most of this free time and search for opportunities that keep their children engaged through fun and learning. Enrolling your child in a summer day camp is one of the best ways to keep them entertained while teaching some essential skills.

RAD Camps offer an exciting and fun-filled summer day camp program in Bend, Oregon. We take our little campers to multiple adventurous locations. Our summer day camp programs are designed to focus on outdoor exploration, free play, camaraderie, and an appreciation for our natural world.

Summer Day Camp Programs benefit children in multiple ways. Below are some essential benefits of enrolling your child in a summer day camp program.

The Learning Process Continues Even During Vacations

Summer day camps offer multiple learning opportunities to young campers. Outdoor adventurous camps teach physical skills such as swimming, hiking, cliff diving, archery, canoeing, etc. They also teach critical intangible skills such as teamwork, resilience, self-reliance, etc.

Children participate in and experience different fun-filled activities at a summer day camp. There, they learn through experience. Hence, learning continues outside the premises of school as well.

An Opportunity for Unstructured Playtime

Kids are always looking for opportunities for some unstructured playtime where they are free to explore the world on their own. Most of their activities during the busy school routine are supervised by adults. However, at a summer day camp, they get plenty of opportunities to explore the world and engage in multiple creative activities without being monitored by an adult.

Unstructured playtime is vital for the development of children. It gives them a degree of freedom and independence. They make their own rules and learn how to negotiate with their peers.

Experience Mother Nature In Its Entirety

At school, children get primary environmental education through textbooks. However, an in-depth understanding of the environment, its components, and its working cannot be achieved without experiencing it firsthand.

Children visit different outdoor settings at a summer day camp, such as lakes, rivers, beaches, deserts, parks, etc. They understand various aspects of nature, how mother nature benefits humans and what is the impact of our activities on nature.

Children are so busy with their daily routines during the school year that they rarely spend time outdoors. So why not enroll your child in a summer day program that offers the freedom to explore the great outdoors and benefit from mother nature’s healing quality?

Develop Long Lasting Friendships and Improve Their Social Skills

Your child will meet many new people, instructors, guides, and fellow campers at a summer day camp. Summer day camps offer different fun activities where children interact with their peers and undertake various projects as a team. As a result, they learn the essential lessons of teamwork, cooperation, and negotiation. They also build new bonds and develop friendships that may last for a long time.

A productive summer day camp experience improves social skills and imparts confidence in children. In addition, by successfully negotiating with their peers, they learn conflict resolution and become bold enough to take different initiatives and navigate precarious situations.

Children become more understanding and empathic by interacting with different people and learning how to work in collaboration.

Enroll in our RAD Camps summer programs to give your child a memorable outdoor experience. We offer summer day camp programs in Bend, Oregon. We take children to various locations in Deschutes and Willamette National Forests. Our motto is “No Child Left Inside.” We connect children with nature through fun-filled activities.

For more information, visit our website, contact us, or call us at (541) 410-7258.


Chance is the owner and CEO of R.A.D. Camps in Bend, Oregon. He attended R.A.D. Camps summer programs as a kid and loved it so much he bought the company!