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Summer camps in the U.S. are differentiated based on activities, types of owners, programs, and the population they serve. Different types of summer camps provide endless possibilities for parents and children. In addition, it makes it easier for parents to find a camp where their children will thrive.

Types Of Summer Camps Based On The Activity

Summer camps vary depending on what campers do while at camp or the activities they focus on. Choosing a camp that aligns with children’s interests can elevate the summer camp experience.

Academic Enrichment Camps

These camps organize educational or academic activities and focus on enhancing skills in a particular field. Examples include camps specializing in entrepreneurship, science, math, STEM, robotics, scientific research, and coding.

Art Camps

Some summer camps offer arts and crafts programs, while others are entirely based on art. There is an art camp for every child, regardless of their artistic interests. There are various options, including music, photography, painting, digital art, ceramics, performing arts, dance, fiber art, culinary art, and many more

Adventure Camps

Adventure camps are one of the most popular types of summer camps. They focus on challenging course activities, outdoor exploration, field trips, wilderness pursuits, and more.

These camps’ purpose is to develop emotional intelligence, personal growth, and leadership skills in young campers. Wilderness programs mainly focus on kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, traditional backpacking, or a combination of these.

Special Needs Camps

Summer camps create a safe and productive environment that allows children with many needs to connect, make new friends, and participate in exciting activities. Special needs-based camps offer specialized medical care, one-on-one attention, and academic coaching.

They are a perfect way to experience the peacefulness and beauty of nature. Some special needs camps focus on different needs, while others are based on one category. Some examples include ADHD, limb differences, Asperger syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and more.

Types Of Summer Camps Based On The Owner

Summer camps vary based on the kind of ownership they have.

Sports Camps

Some summer camps are designed around a particular sport that people are passionate about. Sports camps include traditional camping experiences in their programming or focus on the development of skills for one specific sport.

Nature Camps

Most summer camps are in stunning natural surroundings such as mountains, coastlines, forests, or deserts. On the other hand, some camps primarily focus on nature. By spending more time outdoors, children interact with flora and fauna found in nature.

​Exposure to various natural microbes activates and strengthens the immune system. Playing in the sun stimulates the production of Vitamin D, which results in stronger bones and better health. Nature-based camp programs focus on outdoor education, backpacking, survival skills, gardening, and environmental studies.

Equestrian Camps

Sometimes equine programming is offered at traditional sleepaway camps as a daily activity. However, there are U.S. camps entirely based on horsemanship and cater to beginners and advanced riders. The activities may include English to western riding, care of horses, hunting, stable management, jumping skills, showmanship, and overnight trips.

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